Odette Lamoureaux – Quebec

Odette has been part of the cat fancy for many years breeding Persians, Exotic Shorthairs, Himalayans, Abyssinians and Somalis.  A few years after achieving Best Kitten, Odette was accepted as a CCA Judge and judged for CCA for 5 years. One weekend 15 years ago in Belgium she met Gloria Stephens and Georgia Morgan who offered her the opportunity to join the TICA judging program which she accepted. Odette thinks she made a good decision all those years ago and says "I am very happy to be a part of this international association."

Notable achievements in the cat fancy:
CCA Best Kitten -- and in the same year 2nd Best Kitten, Second Best Cat and Second Best Alter

Amanda Bright – Ontario

Amanda had bred and shown cats in  Southern Ontario since 1970 under the cattery names Kyina (CFA & CCA) and Talisker (TICA). Over the years she has bred and shown Himalayans, Persians, Burmese, a Bombay, Siamese (including Colorpoint Shorthairs), Russian Blues, and Turkish Angoras. She has also agented Manx and Cornish Rex. Today she breeds and shows Russian Blues exclusively. She originally judged for CFA, but for the last 10 years has been judging with TICA. She spends a lot of time researching the history of the cat fancy and the Russian Blue in particular.

Notable accomplishments in the cat fancy:
  • Two TICA International Winners (IW SGC Talisker Laurent now living in Japan and IW SGC Talisker The Doctor)
  • CFA Kitten of the Year and Cat of the Year with GC NW Kyina Patience of Oakway
  • Guest judged in Australia and New Zealand,
  • And most recently had the privilege of judging the Virtual Cat Show organized as a fund raising activity to help the wild life in Australia in the areas ravaged by fires.

Francine Madison Hicks – Maine

Hailing from Maine, Francine Madison Hicks is an Approved All Breed judge who has been a TICA judge since 2002. Francine started breeding Ocicats in 1995--and has also shown Persians, Maine Coons, Oriental Longhairs, Bengals and Balinese. Today, Francine shares her home with 2 Ocicats, a Bengal, an Oriental Longhair, and a Balinese. The cat family also enjoys the company of 2 Italian Greyhouds and Francine's husband. In addition to judging for TICA in North America, England, Holland, Denmark, Austria, France, Scotland, Russia, Germany, Sweden, and Russia.  Her love of cats and her sheer enjoyment of judging them shine through in every second of her judging. As Francine says, "I've loved every minute of judging.   It is the best job in the world!"

Donna Madison – Maine

A sister to Francine, Donna Madison is a Provisional All Breed judge from Maine who has judged not only in North America but as far away as Germany, Austria, Scotland and England.. Donna has bred Orientals, Eyptian Maus and, most recently, Peterbalds. She has also been seen in the show rings with Ocicats, Maine Coons,Cornish Rex and some very special Household Pets. True to the foundations of TICA, she has also worked with rescue organizations in her local area. Donna's popularity and leadership have also made her Regional Director for TICA's North East Region.

Bill Lee – Michigan

Bill has bred cats in the Great Lakes region for several decades under the prefix Lee. His primary focus was Perisans and he achieved resounding success with marvelous bicolor Persians. He has also bred Manx. Today with his wife Susan, Bill has worked with Maine Coons and Havana Browns. While Bill started his breeding and judging career in CFA, he is now seen exclusively at TICA shows. He has spent many years showing and judging in Ontario and looks forward to seeing old friends in a new setting!

Notable achievements in the cat fancy:
  • CFA Cat of the year and many other top CFA National Winning titles
  • Member of CFA Board of Directors
  • TICA Allbreed judge

Susan Lee -  Michigan

Susan's cattery name is CoonsCross and she is well-known for her Maine Coons. However she has also bred Havana Browns and shown Russian Blues and Siamese. She is currently an Approved Specialty judge with TICA and has judged around the world including Moscow, Russia. Susan also works with the ICAT program and brings the agility tournament to a number of Great Lakes shows which really helps entertain the crowd--and she'll be running ICAT here in Hamilton! Susan has also been very active with the Junior Exhibitor program in the Great Lakes region although has now passed that responsibility on to Kim Chenault.


Ellen Crockett – Washington

A judge for TICA since 1986, Ellen Crockett now lives in the Pacific North West but has lived around the world. Ellen has had cats her whole life, starting with childhood "barn cats". She got her first pedigreed cat--a Persian--in 1968 and has been involved with the cat fancy ever since. She has bred Persians, American Shorthairs, Sphynx and Devon Rex under the Vicrock prefix.

She was a founding member for TICA in 1979; a charter member of TICA's first clun, Commencement Cat Club, and entered the judging program in 1985. She has lived in many places, all over the world following her husband's military career. She is currently serving on the TICA Board of Directord as Northwest Regional Director. She is also Treasurer of The International Feline Foundation--a TICA-affiliated non-profit that supports research on feline diseases and health. In "real life", Ellen is the Emergency Services Director for the Olympic Peninsula Chapter of the American Red Cross. She manages a satellite office, and trains and deploys volunteers in times of national disaster.

Notable achievements in the cat fancy:
  • TICA's Northwest Regional Director for the TICA Board
  • TICA Allbreed judge since 1986
  • TICA Judge of Merit
  • Judge's throughout the world helping to ensure TICA's goals of fabulous felines, friends and fun are met everywhere!

Vickie Fisher – New Mexico

Vickie assumed the presidency of TICA on January 1, 2009. Certainly not a new comer cats and the cat fancy, she has bred and shown Maine Coon cats for more than 20 years. Prior to her election as TICA's President, Vickie was director of TICA's Southwest Region that spans Colorado, New Mexico, Airzona, Southern California and Hawaii. She is Treasurer of the Enchanted Cat Clun in Albuquerque, New Mexiso. She is an Approved All Breed Judge and a Ring Instructor.

She is President and Founder of Albuquerque Kennel Kompadres, a nonprofit “friends of” the City Animal Shelters, which conducts fundraising activities to benefit the animals in the City’s shelters.  She is an instructor for the City Animal Shelter’s School Outreach Program, visiting children with her cat, Arnie,  to teach them dog bite prevention, to respect the differences between dogs and cats, and to keep their cats safely inside the house.  

Her husband of 40 years, Larry, is her biggest fan.  All their children have four feet.

Notable Achievements in the cat fancy:
  • Past TICA SW Regional Director
  • Current TICA President
  • President & Founder of Albuquerque Kennel Kompadres--a non-profit Friends of the City Animal Shelters
  • Instructor for the City of Albuquerque's Animal Shelter's school outreach program

Yvonne Patrick – British Columbia

Yvonne Patrick is a much-loved TICA All Breed judge who hails from British Columbia. She has bred Persians although these days she seems to show more Exotic Shorthairs! While Yvonne started her days in the cat fancy with the Canadian Cat Association, she has never regretted her decision to join TICA. Yvonne has served on the TICA Board and has been TICA's Judge of the Year.

Toni Jones – Texas

My name is Toni Jones and I am a native Texan!  I have been breeding and/or showing Oriental Shorthairs and Siamese since 1993.  I also have shown Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats.  I absoutly LOVE judging and handling all the different breeds.  There is nothing more fascinating to me than the feline...its' mystery, beauty and elegance are what endear them to me.  

I have had cats my whole life...mostly seal and blue point Siamese and I used to tell my mother that I was going to have a house full of cats when I grew up...Little did she know, haha!   

I have been judging since 2002 when I became a specialty judge for TICA.  I have since gone on to become an approved All Breed judge and have just applied to advance to a Teaching and Training judge.  

In my "real" life. I am an English teacher.  I have been teaching middle school Language Arts for 20 years in Texas.  This year I am teaching 6th graders.

Debbie Lopeman – Illinois

Debbie Lopeman is an Approved All Breed judge from the Chicago area--one of Great Lakes own judges! A popular judge, Debbie has been Great Lakes Judge of the Year for 2 years running. She actively breeds and shows Himalayans and Persians.

Bobbie Tullo – Arizona

I started showing cats in 1974 and purchased my first cats for breeding the same year.  My first cats were Persians which I bred and showed for 8 years under the cattery name “Pickabob”.

When TICA was formed in 1979 the ACFA club I belonged to, Olympicats, joined TICA and changed their upcoming show from an ACFA show to put on the first TICA cat show outside of Tacoma Washington.  At the same time Commencement Cat Club, holding Charter #1 in TICA, was formed in my living room.

 I began breeding British Shorthairs in the early ‘80s and worked with that breed for about 14 years specializing in bi-colors under the cattery name ”Pickabob”.

I became a licensed Specialty Judge in TICA in 1982 – I am currently an Approved Allbreed Judge and a licensed Instructor.

I was introduced to the Pixiebob while they were in the new breed class and started out helping them go through the process of obtaining Championship status. I bred and showed Pixiebobs for 8 or 9 years under the cattery name “Legendary” both in new breed and in championship classes.

I saw my first Chausie in 1997 and it has been a love affair ever since!  I am the current working breed chair for the Chausie breed in TICA – we are currently in the Advanced New Breed Class. I breed and show Chausies in ANB under the cattery name “Tasurt”.

In 1997 I was appointed Judging Administrator by the TICA Board of Directors at the San Antonio, Texas Annual Meeting and served in that position until I was elected Vice President of TICA and started term of office January 2009.

Pam Barrett - Oregon

Pamela Barrett is an Approved All Breed judge who has also served on the TICA Board. The British Shorthair captured Pam's heart many years ago and she is still dedicated to the breed today, breeding and showing under the Excalibur prefix. While Pam lives in Oregon today, she also lived for many years in the beautiful state of Alaska.

Connie Webb - Pennsylvania

Connie Webb is an Approved All Breed judge who has been with TICA for many years. The breed that caputred her heart is the Birman. While she is no longer breeding, Connie is always delighted when finds an outstanding Birman because it brings back so many memories. On the other hand, as a judge Connie has fallen in love with many other breeds and is grateful for the opportunity that breeders give her when they bring their cats to a show because she gets to share in their joy.

Stephanie Smith - Tennessee

Stephanie Smith is a Specialty judge from Tennessee. She still actively breeds Persians, Exotic Shorthairs, British Shorthairs and Scottish Folds. Stephanie has also played an active role in ensuring TICA judges continue their education by establishing a popular weekend that judges attend to learn more about different breeds in depth, understand more about genetics, and discuss various aspects of judging. All TICA judges must achieve 6 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) each year so Stephanie's willingness to organize this stype of educational event is greatly appreciated.